What we do:

We work with people and community-based assets from low-income and/or vulnerable neighbourhoods to fill the systemic and socio-economic gaps they face in both an individual and a community-wide context.

We work from an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) perspective, meaning we believe that all communities already have the tools, strengths, and abilities to become resilient, healthy collectives of people, while also creating systemic change. It is our job as a community leader to shift quickly to reflect community needs, to organize and, to empower people to accomplish these changes and/or goals.

Systemic & Socio-economic gaps we focus on: 


Food Security

Health Care


Community Building

Meet Tony!

Tony is our program coordinator if you are looking to connect with any of our programs or if you are interested in volunteering contact him today at 780-481-4001 or tonyh@jpwc.ca!

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