The Jasper Place Wellness Centre (JPWC) is a non-for-profit (NFP) charity that has been serving Edmonton since 2006.

Murray Soroka, the founder, left the business world to start a new mission that included serving those in need in the city. At that time there were many Edmontonians experiencing homelessness who needed help in figuring out a way back HOME.

A drop-in center (now a Community Centre) was open  at “15210 Stony Plain Road, to deliver meaningful services that will be of benefit to those in need. Meals, showers, clothing, internet access, washer and dryer, showers, dental hygiene and tax returns are some of the services that our community members can access at this site.

In this location he realized that what was needed were apartments where community members could “end their experience on the streets”. So, he started renting apartments and bringing supports to community members, with the help of other staff, right to their NEW HOMES.

This was so successful that the city asked him to help implement the 10 year plan to “end homelessness in Edmonton” utilizing the “Housing First (HF)” strategy where housing a person is the first step towards stability, and supports are delivered through a support worker, in-vivo, at their apartment. At this time the agency formally applied for funding to manage a HF team in the city to serve those experiencing homelessness.

Early into the 10 year plan, organizations delivering the HF strategy learned that there were limited amount of affordable apartments in the city. So, it was decided that the agency would apply for funding to build a 30 unit apartment in the Canora neighbourhood: the Canora Place Building marked the beginning of the organization’s Property Management Group that has the vision of owning and managing “affordable apartments” in the city and abroad.

Our Social Enterprise Team has been growing rapidly. They started Redemptive Developments (RD) as a response to solve a need in the community. At the very beginning we operated out of a basement, but now we have offices on Stony Plain road as well. Redemptive developments operates 7 businesses with a vision to see employment and profit grow, but profits will be re-invested in the community.

JPWC’s Vision, mission and Strategies


  • We see an organization that is aware, creates awareness and addresses needs being experienced by our community.
  • We see an organization that connects community members with meaningful services (internal/external) in our community.
  • We see an organization that is a leader in promoting and developing affordable housing systems in our community.
  • We see an organization that creates wellness (social, economic, physical and spiritual) in our community.
  • We see an organization that partners with numerous organizations and individuals in our community.
  • We see an organization that is continuously growing in influence and means to expand services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the world.



“Caring and innovating to see our community flourish…”



  • Community Centre
    • Strategic Objective: is to promote, enable and facilitate inclusive services and activities, which embrace and address the housing, education, training, employment, welfare, health, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community.
  • Property Management group
    • Strategic Objective: is to own and/or manage permanent, affordable, safe and well maintained housing in Edmonton and abroad.
  • Housing First team
    • Strategic Objective: is to collaborate with all partners in the city of Edmonton to end homelessness in 10 years (2015 is the 6th years in to the plan).
  • Social Enterprise (Redemptive Developments)
    • Strategic Objective: responding to community challenges with sustainable economic opportunities (businesses) and in the process creating: a) employment for community members and b) organizational wealth to be reinvested in the community.