Low-cost fruit & veggie market – fall 2019

Our approach to food security in #Edmonton is Food4Good. Food4Good hosts food-focused events around West Edmonton and one of our favourites is always the low-cost fruit and veggie markets. Take a sneak peek at our most recent sale and mark your calendar for our next market on October 29 at Glenwood Community Leauge.

Posted by Jasper Place Wellness Centre on Wednesday, September 25, 2019



Food4Good (F4G) is the Food Security division of JPWC. Over the last four years, F4G has been working with vulnerable, and low-income families to increase their knowledge and skill level around preparing, cooking and growing good food.

We know that this work is essential especially in the neighbourhoods JPWC has selected to work in, as health indicators show that these communities are ailing. Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) rates are higher in these areas than the provincial average* and relate to diet.

By operating comprehensive nutritional cooking classes for children, adults, and elders, F4G has seen an increase in community members’ ability to prepare and cook healthy meals on a low-income budget, thereby improving their health outcomes and their ability to make better decisions.

In addition to food education, F4G hosts over 40 community gardens in West Edmonton with training around growing food in our climate. The third initiative F4G has implemented in the community that has been extremely popular is the monthly low-cost fruit and veggie markets that focus on bringing fresh food to the community at a price 50-70% cheaper than the average grocer.

Due to the growth and success of Food4Good, JPWC has recently purchased a building along Stony Plain Road to house the expanding programming. JPWC is currently fundraising to make the new space workable including a custom commercial kitchen for training.

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