The JPWC Community Health Centre focuses on complex health meaning that an individual seeking medical support from this clinic may have a combination of mental health issues, chronic conditions, medication-related problems and may be socially vulnerable. These individuals may also find that there are barriers to accessing health supports in the standard-setting; these barriers may include but are not limited to literacy, income, ethnicity, race, appropriate housing, and addictions.

The JPWC Community Health Centre is currently home to 700+ patients from across Edmonton and Area and is presently planning for an expansion of these services for 2021.

Hours of operation
Mon: 1:30 PM – 4 PM
Tues: 1:30 PM – 4 PM
Wed: Birth Control Centre 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Thur: 1:30 PM – 4 PM
Fri: 10:30 AM – 1 PM

Meet Tony!

Tony is our program coordinator if you are looking to connect with any of our programs or if you are interested in volunteering contact him today at 780-481-4001 or!