Why Permanent Supportive Housing Works

Supportive Housing Improves Lives
Research has shown that supportive housing has positive effects on housing stability, employment, mental and physical health, and school attendance. People in supportive housing live more stable and productive lives.

Supportive Housing Generates Significant Cost Savings to Public Systems
Cost studies have found that supportive housing results in tenants’ decreased use of homeless shelters, hospitals, emergency rooms, jails, and prisons.

Supportive Housing Benefits Communities 
Further evidence shows that supportive housing benefits communities by improving the safety of neighborhoods, beautifying city blocks with new or rehabilitated properties, and increasing or stabilizing property values over time.

Permanent Supportive Housing in our community 

At JPWC we are focused on making our community stronger, healthier and more resilient through Employment, Health Care, Food Security, Education, and Housing.

Our focus on housing has been in partnership with Homeward TrustThe City of Edmonton, and The Province of Alberta. It was these strong relationships enabled us to open Canora Place apartments in 2011. Canora Place is our PSH building located in West Edmonton, it has 30 units, is home to both women and men, and has affordable rents which are 20% below market rate.

Canora Place has onsite support which ensures residents have easy access to the wrap-around services we provide such as health care, employment, advocacy, and meaningful daily life activities. In fact, residents at Canora Place are involved and active in their community annually engaging in the City of Edmonton’s Capital City Cleanup, along with growing beautiful gardens around the building which have led to many nominations in the city’s prestigious Front Yards In Bloom Awards.

Permanent Supportive Housing defined by Homeward Trust:
Permanent supportive housing is an evidence-based intervention that links permanent, affordable housing with flexible, voluntary support services to assist with housing retention and independent living.

Support & Perspective from our leadership:
“We know that investing in housing reduces costs in our health care and justice systems, avoidable costs that are increasingly expensive for our provincial partners to manage. Aligning efforts with federal, provincial and local governments will mean better policy outcomes, healthier citizens, less social disorder, stronger communities and more stable financial planning.”–Mayor Don Iveson

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