What We Do


  1. Build, own & operate affordable housing across Edmonton.
  2. Partner with Homeward Trust in Housing First program.
  3. Operate transitional Bridge Housing
  4. Facilitate educational and advocacy programming on renting rights, landlord & tenant agreements, credit checks and more.


  1. Own and operate businesses that focus on creating jobs and financial opportunities for individuals who may not be able to work in a standard-setting.

Health Care

  1. Own and Operate a Community Health Centre that focuses on providing complex care for individuals who may not be able to access health care in the standard-setting.
  2. Operate accessible programs that focus on complex health issues such as addiction.
  3. Operate crossover programming that addresses individual needs such as affordable housing and access to culturally appropriate fresh foods.

Community Building

  1. Facilitate and organize community programs, and events focused on creating deeper connections to the community at large, knowing where to go for help, peer to peer advocacy, and social isolation, for example, Community Family Group.
  2. Facilitate programming based on community member needs and wants, for example, Art Drop-in, or Living with Loss grief counselling.
  3. Organize and facilitate opportunities for community members to identify and solve problems.



  1. Operate low-cost fruit & veggie markets to crease access to fresh food.
  2. Operate low-cost educational programs on how to cook: collective kitchens and meal prep courses for elders, adults and seniors.
  3. Partner with Edmonton Food Bank as a depot for community emergencies such as COVID19.


Meet Tony!

Tony is our program coordinator if you are looking to connect with any of our programs or if you are interested in volunteering contact him today at 780-481-4001 or tonyh@jpwc.ca!