Food4Good is our approach to food security in West Edmonton. We work with community members and other community-focused organizations to create access to and education around good food. Due to COVID-19, we have had to transition our work to better fit the new needs of the communities we serve leaving some of our programming, such as our collective kitchens, on hold.


Currently, Food4Good is selling low-cost food boxes and meal kits to increase access to good food for those living with low-income or experiencing other barriers. Mixed produce boxes, snack boxes, and pantry essentials are just some of the items available. This program is open to anyone in Edmonton looking to stretch their food budget, though free delivery is only available to postal codes T5R, T5P, T5M at this time.

You can learn more about our food security division, Food4Good, here.


What We Do:

  1. Sell low-cost fruit & veggie boxes to create access to fresh food.
  2. Operate low-cost educational programs on how to cook: collective kitchens and meal prep courses for elders, adults and seniors. (On hold due to COVID-19)
  3. Partner with Edmonton Food Bank as a depot for community emergencies such as COVID19.
The prevalence of diet-related chronic conditions and diseases are higher in the Edmonton – Jasper Place Zone than the provincial average.
*Community Profile: Edmonton – Jasper Place Health Data and Summary V2. 2015

Meet Tony!

Tony is our program coordinator if you are looking to connect with any of our programs or if you are interested in volunteering contact him today at 780-481-4001 or!