We work with all three levels of government, community leagues, other community organizations and individuals to build and operate affordable housing, while also working towards lowering barriers for those seeking affordable housing.


What we do:

  • 1. Build, own & operate affordable housing across Edmonton.
  • 2. Partner with Homeward Trust in Housing First program.
  • 3. Facilitate educational and advocacy programming on renting rights, landlord & tenant agreements, credit checks and more.


Over 18% of Glenwood, West Jasper Place, and Britania Youngstown residents spend more than 30% of their income on rent.
*2016 Federal Census

Meet Tony!

Tony is our program coordinator if you are looking to connect with any of our programs or if you are interested in volunteering contact him today at 780-481-4001 or tonyh@jpwc.ca!

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